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Tokio, a Dual Edge, in his Xth Form

Dual Edge (デュアルエッジ) is a class in The World R:X used by Tokio Kuryuu.



List of Skills

In The World R:X, like in The World R:2, skills are inherent to a class, not to a weapon. As Tokio raises his job level, his skills gradually become more powerful.

Normal Form

  • 斬波 - Cutter Wave (Target: Unit, SP required: 2, Job Lv. 1)
  • 斬裂波 - Ripper Wave (Target: Unit, SP required: 7, Job Lv. 3, Replaces Cutter Wave)
  • 連牙・昇旋風 - Chain Fang: Ascension Whirlwind (Target: Group, SP required: 4, Job Lv. 1)
  • 咬牙・嵐絶陣 - Biting Fang: Absolute Storm Circle (Target: Group, SP required: 15, Job Lv. 5, Replaces Chain Fang: Ascension Whirlwind)

Xth Form

  • 煌輪波 - Shining Wheel Wave (Target: Unit, SP required: 12, Job Lv. Xth 1, Replaces Ripper Wave)
  • 鳳翼光輪 - Phoenix Wing Light Wheel (Target: Unit, SP required: 18, Job Lv. Xth 3, Replaces Shining Wheel Wave)
  • 咬牙・旋風神楽 - Biting Fang: Whirlwind Dance of the Gods (Target: Group, SP required: 22, Job Lv. Xth 1, Replaces Biting Fang: Absolute Storm Circle)
  • 絶咬牙・天昇竜舞 - Absolute Biting Fang: Divine Ascension Dragon Dance (Target: Group, SP required: 34, Job Lv. Xth 4, Replaces Biting Fang: Whirlwind Dance of the Gods)



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