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Dominique de Mirabeau (ドミニク・ド・ミラボー) is the founder of mama. An ecologist from France, in 1986 she published a paper titled "On the Comprehensive Effect of Mankind on the Environment of the Earth." She predicted the complete extinction of all life on Earth within the next 1000 years if current emission trends continued. The only solution she could find for the planet to recover was to somehow cease human activity. Within ten years, these beliefs would be vindicated by the discovery of climate change in line with de Mirabeau's hypothesis, but at the time the environment was not a great concern. In 1989, Mirabeau's small following of supporters formed the organization mama, dedicated to defending their Mother Earth. Their primary objective was to find and use some means to halt the activity of mankind on the planet. Since their foundation they have pursued this seemingly impossible goal. Among their membership was Emma Wielant and the founders of ALTIMIT Corporation.


Thanatos Report


Dominique before her death, in January 2025.

Dominique is confronted by David Steinberg, and fanatically tries to get him to give her the "Origin". She dies of a heart attack when he pretends to destroy it. This was the desired outcome of Eleanor, whose breakaway faction usurps control of mama immediately afterwards.

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