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"An illness where a child becomes unresponsive or loses vitality. In other words, the children become like dolls!"
— Salvador Aihara —

The children investigated by Salvador Aihara.

Doll Syndrome (ドール症候群) is a mysterious medical condition that causes a person to fall into an unresponsive state (like that of a doll, hence the name). Not much is known, although it has been affecting children as young as elementary school. It seems to be linked to The World R:2, and it is being investigated by Salvador Aihara for his new show Online Jack.

In reality Doll Syndrome is one of the physical side effects of AIDA infection. Atoli is diagnosed with Doll Syndrome after her Epitaph is stolen by an AIDA. In her case the physical symptoms were paralysis in her left arm. All symptoms vanished after the AIDA that had infected her was destroyed, and her Epitaph returned.

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