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Dol Dona

The World Information
Celestial City
Blind Stubborn[1]
Level Range

Dol Dona is a mid-level Root Town in The World R:2's Theta Server. Medium-sized guilds' @HOMEs are located here.

Located between tall rock formations and saturated with greenery, Dol Dona is laid out in a linear fashion. The Chaos Gate can be found to the south, the @HOME entrance to the north, and in between a central shopping area.

The World R:2 Storyline[]

Dol Dona is built atop a fallen fragment of Fort Ouph. The city itself is controlled by the Beast-dominated Ogmios Faction and their leader Bipu Bapu. Because of this Beasts comprise most of Dol Dona's population.



  • Dol Dona seems to be a mistranslation of Dul Dauna, the childhood name of the Celtic god Lugh. Alternately, the name fits with the Ogmios faction's stance on technology and human progress.


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