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The Divine Spear of Wotan (神槍ヴォータン) is a Long Arm weapon. It was wielded by Albireo in .hack//AI Buster.


The Divine Spear of Wotan was a weapon first given to the Cobalt Knights during Fragment. In addition to Double Sweep and Triple Doom, the spear had the ability to "Debug" and "Delete" which would eliminate AI's, monsters or players. Albireo's original spear shattered when he tried to delete a Guardian summoned by Macha. The remaining spears vanished without explanation during the Twilight Incident. The spears were recreated by CC Corp when they reformed the Cobalt Knights under Kamui.


  • The spear's name was derived from Norse mythology as portrayed in Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen. Wotan, the chief god of the Norse pantheon, wielded a spear which was the symbol of contract and authority.
  • Mistranslated as 'Spear of Voltan' in the Legend of the Twilight Manga
  • The spears were originally created by Morganna, which is why they were useless against her servants the Phases.
  • Originally having only one cutting edge when under Albireo's possession, when the spear was recreated for Kamui and the Cobalt Knights in the manga it was programmed with two cutting edges.
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