The Descendants of Fianna, pictured with Kite

"There are only two heroes - The Descendants of Fianna! They're the only ones who managed to clear The One Sin Event!"

Descendants of Fianna (フィアナの末裔) is a special nickname that the players of The World have given to the conquerors of The One Sin event, Balmung of the Azure Sky and Orca of the Azure Sea. The name originates from a poem posted on the BBS by web poet W.B. Yeats.

Though Kite is sometimes grouped with the Descendants, taking on the title "Kite of the Azure Flame", he is not one of the official members as recognized by Yeats.

In .hack Conglomerate, a group known as the Three Azure Knights appears, each one appearing as a warped version of each of the descendants, including Kite.

The Poem

:Damage done to the evil shaped one,
too massive to compare.
Balmung of the Azure Sky,
Orca of the Azure Sea,
together they gallop at full speed.
In the depth of my bosom,
your names shall remain.
You are none other than
the descendants of Fianna.


  • In Irish mythology, the Fianna were an elite group of warriors that served the High King of Ireland. The requirements for joining were nothing short of hellish, so being regarded as the "Descendants of Fianna" is true recognition of Orca and Balmung's skills.
  • A misformatting by Tokyopop seems to indicate Albireo as a third descendant, with the text, "Together with the warrior who wears the eyes of the stars," added to the end of Yeats' poem. In the original Japanese version of the novel, however, it is clear that this is just part of Yeats' signature, hinting at her true identity.