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"I'm Grunty! You're Haseo!"
— Death Grunty —

Death Grunty (デス★ランディ) is a Grunty raised by Haseo. It manages Canard's @HOME in Mac Anu, and sometimes appears in quests. Death Grunty is of the opinion that it's the true Guild Master of Canard and that Haseo is merely a servant made to carry out Death Grunty's commands. Haseo hates Death Grunty, who he calls an "annoying rodent" despite the fact that its personality is almost identical to his.



Haseo first meets Death Grunty when he visits Canard's @HOME for the first time. Recognizing him as the new Guild Master, Death Grunty tells him that he won't recognize Haseo's authority unless he performs two tasks for him. Though Haseo dislikes having to do a quest for a "stupid NPC" he eventually relents and accepts the quest after Gaspard reminds him that he can't become the Guild Master unless he does.

After accepting the quest, Death Grunty asks Haseo to bring him the "three treasures of the Grunty Race" which are held by his friends Gao Grunty, Melo Grunty, and Wise Grunty. When Haseo successfully retrieves the three items Death Grunty gives him his second quest, to sell an item at Canard's Guild Shop. With the help of Gaspard and Bo, Haseo is able to complete this task as well. However Death Grunty is not impressed, and tells Haseo that he still won't recognize him as the Guild Master. Taking the title of Guild Master himself, Death Grunty hires Haseo as his personal servant and orders him to start working for his Guild. To aid him in his efforts he gives Haseo the Charm of 1000, and a Steam Bike.

As Haseo uses the Charm of 1000 to increase Canard's prestige Death Grunty begins to grow more and more accepting of him. Though he has yet to actually accept Haseo as the real Guild Master of Canard.

.hack//G.U. Returner

Death Grunty in .hack//G.U. Returner.

Death Grunty makes a cameo with Melo Grunty at Δ Hidden Forbidden Festival.


  • Death Grunty has his own section in .hack//G.U. The World where he discusses the developers of the .hack series.
  • Much like the Noble Grunty from the original series, Death Grunty's image can be seen by putting the spines of each of the three G.U. games next to each other.
  • Death Grunty was called Death-rundy in the original Japanese version.
  • Death Grunty is one of the few Grunties in The World R:2 without a hat.