The Dead World of Indieglut Lugh

Dead World of Indieglut Lugh (死世所 エルディ・ルー, Shi Yo-sho Erudirū, Old Norse for "Dead World of Firewood of Lugh", German for "Dead World of Lugh in Embers", Japanese for "Dead World Eldi Lugh") is a field located at Δ Hidden Forbidden Dead Wood. It is one of the Lost Grounds. It is also used for events in The World R:2.

The World R:2 Official Story

Indieglut Lugh is the entrance to the underworld where the God of Death Cernunnos is sealed.

Epitaph of the Twilight

This lake deep in the underworld, with a glowing tree growing in the middle, was undisturbed for thousands of years, until the rebellion of the Crystal Hill.


.hack//G.U. Games

Haseo and Atoli are transported here while on an adventure together. Upon reaching the beast statue on a normal field, Atoli says that she hears a sound coming from outside, though Haseo hears nothing. Unwillingly, Haseo follows Atoli around to the source of "the sound". There, behind the treasure room, they find a Sign, which activates, transporting them to Indieglut Lugh. There they encounter Endrance, and an AIDA attempts to attack Atoli. Kuhn arrives at the last minute however and dispatches the AIDA with his avatar Magus.

Later, after losing to Haseo in the Arena, Endrance seals himself in ice beneath the lake. Saku often comes to visit Endrance. Later, when Haseo comes looking for Endrance, he encounters an AIDA-infected Saku, who becomes furious at Haseo for trying to "steal" Endrance, summoning Gorre to fight him. Haseo then uses Skeith and defeats Gorre, eliminating the AIDA. After Gorre's defeat, Endrance is finally set free by Haseo.

Haseo is teleported to a "Dark" version of this area to fight Cernunnos as part of the Abyss Quest.

Indieglut Lugh in GU+


Haseo is teleported to Indieglut Lugh after getting close to Tri-Edge's sign in Hulle Granz Cathedral. While trying to get his bearings he is approached by Bordeaux who challenges him to a fight. Remembering how easily he defeated her before Haseo accepts, but is shocked when she reveals herself as an AIDA-PC. With the power of her AIDA Bordeaux easily defeats Haseo, but is interrupted by Kuhn before she can finish him off. Kuhn summons Avatar Magus and uses its data drain attack to remove the AIDA from Bordeaux's data, temporarily knocking her unconscious and saving Haseo. Pi appears shortly afterwards and warns Haseo about AIDA-PCs.


  • An unnamed "dark" variation of Indieglut Lugh serves as the battleground for Cernunnos, Darklord's Shade and True Cernunnos. This Lost Ground is known to be a separate realm by the lack of a Sign.