Character Profile
Name Kusame
Gender Male
Race Cheat PC (Human-Beast Hybrid)
First Appearance Link
Name David Steinberg
Age 35-40
Gender Male

David Steinberg (デビッド·ステインバーグ) works with Eleanor as part of the NAB (Network Analysis Bureau) a Global Network Investigative Service.


Link - Prepare for The Twilight Teaser

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On November 2, 2024 4:17 am Off Amakusa Bay a certain article created by Jun Bansyoya labeled CC415-MYM58-HS48 JUN 2012 CyberConnect Co, ltd was found by David Steinberg and Eleanor during their time as NAB agents. It's contents unknown.


David along with NAB agent Gus Fox comes into contact with Ryuuji Sogabe in order to solve the Seto Yuuri case.

Beyond The World

David was sent by the NAB to investigate the strange phenomenon occurring in The World during the events of the movie. He met with Sora to explain to her why she was chosen by Aura to hold the experience cube and why she needs to return it to her. Although David works with the NAB overseas, it is hinted in the movie that he lived in Japan before. David's PC is Kusame, a mysterious Anubis-like character who helps Sora during the final battle against the Virus Bug by freezing 30 seconds of in-game time while she makes her way to the abode of Aura.

Thanatos Report

After the events of the movie, David has secured the Origin which contains Aura and stored it into a chip. After his return to America, he reunites with his partner Eleanor at the airport. Having the information about Aura leaked to an eco-terrorist group called Mama, they decide to run.

After this, David infiltrates Mama´s headquarters and destroys a decoy chip in front of the leader, which causes her to go into cardiac arrest and die. David reunites outside with Eleanor, who reveals herself to be part of Mama´s new head members and shoots him. David barely escapes from this by using a hand grenade as a diversion.

After a year-long chase, David gets surrounded by the enemy and gets severely wounded in a bridge in the middle of Yosmite Valley. Being forced to give up the Origin, he tosses a bow-tie pin as a decoy and when it flashes, blinding the enemy, he uses this opportunity to kill Eleanor and his guards. He then drops into the river bellow, eventually getting to the riverbed. David uses his prosthetic arm to eject from his left eye the real chip containing Aura and then passes out, presumably dying in the process.

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