Character Profile
Name Daisuke
Gender Male
Class Twin Blade
Media Information
Japanese Voice Shinji Kawada
English Voice Mona Marshall
First Appearance .hack//Legend of the Twilight
Name Daisuke
Age Presumably 12
Gender Male

"Oh come on, no fair! That's cheating!"
— Daisuke —

Daisuke (大輔, Daisuke) is one of the four hackers who acted as villains during the anime version of .hack//Legend of the Twilight.



Daisuke appears as a young green haired boy wearing heavy yellow armor. Wave symbols decorate both his helmet and his gauntlets. The katars he wields mark him as a Twin Blade.


Despite his childish appearance Daisuke is actually a very skilled hacker, and excels at making powerful Data Bugs. His specialty is making chimeras, unique monsters that are composed of bits and pieces of other monsters. However he also has several childlike traits, and can be very stubborn and impatient at times. When one of his creations is destroyed he frequently yells at its attacker for cheating, despite the fact that he is a cheater himself. Out of the four hackers, he is the most sadistic.


Daisuke's player.

Basic Info

In the real world Daisuke is a young boy. After one of his classmates died he, and his friends Michi, Hayato, and Katsuyuki decided to use The World to study the concept of death.


.hack//Legend of the Twilight (anime)

Recognizing Shugo as a threat to their plans, Daisuke and the other hackers devised a plan to destroy him completely. Upset that his friends had handled the early parts of the plan Daisuke grew impatient, and demanded that he be allowed to fight Shugo himself. Katsuyuki agreed to give him his chance, and gave Daisuke control of the operation. To defeat Shugo, Daisuke created a max level chimera, a monster he believed even Shugo would be unable to beat. Waiting for a chance where Shugo was alone, Daisuke ordered his monster to attack. Unfortunately Shugo's friends as well as System Administrator Balmung appeared and helped him hold off the monster. Matters grew even more complicated when Kamui and a team of Cobalt Knights arrived and deleted his monster. Recognizing that matters had grown out of hand Daisuke retreated, and the hackers began to reevaluate their strategy.

Later, when Shugo's party and the Cobalt Knights invaded the hackers base in Naval Monte Daisuke watched as Michi summoned the Wandering A.I. Morti. To his surprise Morti turned on him, and the other male hackers and put them into comas along with the Knights. Daisuke had been betrayed by his own ally. His unconscious body in the real world was hospitalized, and it is unknown what happened to him after that.

.hack//Legend of the Twilight (manga)

cameo appearance

Although not a complete one for one of his original character design. Daisuke makes a cameo appearance alongside Michi in the complete edition of the .hack//Legend of The Twilight Bracelet manga.


  • Daisuke was never referred to by name in the series, only through infobooks was his identity revealed.
  • In Japanese Daisuke translates to, To like very much.