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In the Epitaph of Twilight, the Cursed Wave is the name of the malevolent force that seeks to destroy the world. In order to destroy the Cursed Wave, they send two half-sprites (which cast a shadow) and a human to the Wavering Peninsula at the Edge of the World, accompanied by Fili the White and Bith the Black along the way.


.hack//Epitaph of the Twilight


The Cursed Wave is the name used by the .hackers to collectively refer to the 8 Phases of Morganna due to the fact they take the eight names of The Wave.

The Eight Phases of the Wave originally existed only in the Epitaph, but as Morganna began to malfunction, she made them out of parts of herself, forming her own data into the monsters, and sending them to capture Aura and halt her growth. Despite their power, each of the Phases was eventually defeated by Kite and the .hackers.


End of The World

Following the Twilight Incident, the data of the Phases were reclaimed by the Salvage Plan created by Jyotaro Amagi. They were placed into special PC bodies known as Epitaph-PCs which allowed their tremendous power to be controlled by specific or chosen players.


See Avatar (Phases)

Phases of The Wave

  1. Skeith:"The Terror of Death"
  2. Innis:"The Mirage of Deceit"
  3. Magus:"The Propagation"
  4. Fidchell:"The Prophet"
  1. Gorre: "The Machinator"
  2. Macha:"The Temptress"
  3. Tarvos:"The Avenger"
  4. Corbenik:"The Rebirth"


  • Each Phase has a symbol of an eye somewhere on them to represent being part of Morganna.
  • Each of the Avatar Phases theme songs are remixes of their battle music from the .hack//Games.
  • During the events of The World R:2: 2017 Cubia becomes, The Shadow, Anti Existence of the Morganna Factor(s) and The Epitaph PC's, all names and terminology seen as referencing Morganna herself. But in more detail and to make a point, are her/the phases data reorganized, under the control of special PC(s) with connections created by CC Corp based upon the situation that once occurred with Sora and the Wandering AI Mia and chosen by The Morganna Factor(s)/Epitaph(s)/Cursed-Wave/Elements of Morganna/Eight Phases of Morganna Themselves. While previously under Morganna during The World R:1 where The Eight Phases aimed to trap and destroy Aura as well as anyone who interfered, after Aura becomes the new core of the system Cubia ends up reappearing, during The RA Project this time against the Elements of Morganna, (as well as Dummy Morganna Factor accompanying them) due to their current form and use.