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Character Profile
Cubia (LINK).png
Name Cubia
Gender Male
Race Human
Class ???
Guild Twilight Knights
Personal Data
Name N/A
Age ??
Gender N/A
Media Information
English Actor ??
Character Voice Maaya Sakamoto
First Appearance .hack//Link

Cubia (クビア) is a character in .hack//Link.



In .hack//LINK, Cubia appears in his PC form seen in .hack//XXXX. He uses a scythe rather than twin swords.


This version of Cubia, unlike past incarnations, is able to not only show emotion, but seems to show positive emotions predominantly. Cubia as a person is still as obsessed with the aspect of destruction as much as any of his counterparts, signifying his faint link with the "Anti-Existence" of typical Cubia. Kite is generally distrusting of him for obvious reasons, but ultimately puts up with him in a literal sense, as the two can never actually be in a party due to the 2-man size. As a PC, Cubia seems to have taken a liking to Tokio for various reasons.




  • Cubia's overall LINK design appears to be based on both Kite (physical appearance) and Xth Form Haseo (scythe).