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Crimson VS is an online card game for ALTIMIT Mine OS. It can be played using .hack//G.U. The Card Battle cards.



Crimson VS is played with decks of four ordered cards. One card is the General, or leader of the party, which must be a character card. The remaining three are support cards, called units, and the total cost value of all three cards must be less than or equal to the General's charisma in order to form a legal deck.


A Crimson VS battle occurs in two phases, Unit Battle and then General Battle. For Unit Battle, the players compare their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd unit cards, in order. For each pair, the card with the higher cost stays in play, while the loser is discarded from the field. If both unit cards have same cost than you look to their type for the winner; a snipe card gets a +1 against assault cards, assaults get a +1 against shield, and shield gets a +1 against snipe. If both unit cards have same same cost and are of the same type they cancel each other out and both fizzle. After this, General Battle occurs. Each remaining unit card adds its effects to its General, and the two Generals take turns attacking each other until one runs out of HP or ten turns pass, in which case the General with the highest HP wins.

Delta Combos[]

In .hack//G.U. Vol.3//Redemption, Delta Combos can occur when the three Unit cards share a certain relationship. They are activated at the start of battle and have an added effect depending on the combo.


  • Gaspard is an expert in Crimson VS. He was also its champion before services temporarily ended during volume 1.

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