This article is about the seventeenth episode of .hack//SIGN. For information on the sixth episode of .hack//Roots see Conflict (Roots).

"I thought I understood things. I'm such an idiot."
— BT —

Conflict is the seventeenth episode of .hack//SIGN.


The episode begins with BT looking out a window in a building overlooking a snowy field.

At Hulle Granz Cathedral, Mimiru suggests to Tsukasa that they visit Shimokitazawa together when he's able to log out. Tsukasa claims to have no idea what Shimokitazawa is. Scared by these words, Mimiru tells Tsukasa that she has to leave. At Dun Loireag, she conveys her fears to BT, who responds coldly, telling her not to get too involved and that there is nothing she should do about it. She even poses the possibility that the player behind Tsukasa is just pretending to be able to feel pain in The World. Annoyed, Mimiru leaves BT.

BT later meets with Bear and criticizes him for being involved with Tsukasa. BT then leaves to meet with Sora. When Sora realizes that she doesn't have any information, he leaves her. BT later meets up with Crim, who believes BT called him to talk about the Key of the Twilight. In reality, BT wanted to meet with him in the real world again. Crim turns BT down, saying that although he enjoys having her as a partner in The World, he doesn't want to bring that relationship into the real world. BT says she understands, and Crim leaves her. Crestfallen, BT laments that she didn't understand anything at all.

BT answers a call from Subaru, who wants to discuss Tsukasa with her. The request degrades into a verbal attack by BT, who not only turns down Subaru's request, but also accuses her of being conceited.

The two PKers that confront BT

Just as BT receives a message from Bear, she is confronted by two newbies and decides to help them out when they ask for help. As it turns out, the two are PKers. As they are about to kill her, Tsukasa appears in the dungeon by chance. The two players recognize Tsukasa and run off, saving BT. Tsukasa asks if BT was really willing to die just then. BT in turn asks Tsukasa what it feels like to die. Tsukasa explains his death and resurrection as a game of "guess who;" someone covers his eyes, then lets go, leaving him with less of himself. BT feels it is the same as her hatred of lettuce, which no one seems to find any fault with; she dislikes it because she dislikes it, regardless. When Tsukasa asks if BT pities his situation, both of them laugh and shrug off the thought.

In the real world, Machiko tears an invitation to her high school reunion and logs back into The World, deciding to play BT "a little while longer."