Character Profile
Name ??
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Edge Punisher
Guild ??
Name ??
Age ??
Gender ??
Media Information
English Actor Richard Epcar (Rebirth)
Dave Mallow (Reminisce-Redemption)
Character Voice Hiroshi Kamiya
First Appearance .hack//G.U.: Rebirth

"Just look at them folks! Ready to rip the opponent in half! How will this fight end?"
— The Commentator —

The enigmatic Commentator (実況) is an eccentric individual who gives commentary for Arena battles in The World R:2.



The Commentator is a tall, blue-haired man in a blue suit that seems to be a spinoff of the normal administrator uniform. He wears a headset and occasionally carries a microphone. Only seen in the Arena and Hy Brasail, it is unknown what class he is, or if he even has a class at all.


Commentator on the Apkallu forum.

The Commentator is infamous for his over-the-top coverage of arena fights. No matter what kind of fight it is, from low ranking fights to championship matches, the Commentator provides coverage for them all. His devotion to the arena and his humorous comments have made him a legend in his own right, and he is considered an integral part of the arena experience. There is even a fan club devoted exclusively to him.


Basic Info

Little is known about the Commentator in real life, other than the fact that he's been a Commentator at CyberConnect Corporation for 12 years, as of 2017.


Commentator on the Apkallu forum.


The Commentator and his guests are mostly comic relief. He provides commentary for all of Haseo's matches and often has a guest that takes some interest in Haseo, his opponents, or both sides. He often asks what his guest thought about the finish of the match, but the guest has usually left by this time. In Reminisce, his guest, Antares, sticks by him for every match of the tournament, but Antares disappears after Haseo wins his match with Sirius, prompting the Commentator to exclaim, "Why do all my guests treat me this way?!"

.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights

The Commentator continues to serve at the Arena in The World R:X, witnessing a battle between a Posaune-controlled Haseo and Panzer Saika.


  • In Redemption, the Commentator has an optional cutscene that can be seen if the player takes the boat to Hy Brasail right after winning the PK tournament.
  • Through extensive hacking on Redemption's disc, it has been shown in the coding that the Announcer is an Edge Punisher.

Guest List

The Commentator's Guests have included the following people.

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