A Class, sometimes called a Job, is a specialization chosen by players when they create their Player Characters. Each class has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The World Classes

In the original version of The World, there were six classes.

The World Expansion Packs

As The World released more expansion packs, more classes were introduced.

  • Archer (Official name and status unknown)
  • Knuckle Master (Tentative English name)
  • Werewolf (Not a primary class - available only through the "Class Change" campaign)

The World R:2 Classes

In the year 2015, a fire destroyed most of The World's data, and the remains had to be spliced together with another game CC Corp was working on to create The World R:2. This new game has mostly different classes from The World, often now called Jobs.

Undefined Classes

Self Proclaimed Classes or Jobs

Some players that find monster fighting dull make up self proclaimed jobs to role-play in.

  • Informant: PCs who sell information on how to conquer the game for money. This term is sometimes synonymous with the "Trader" profession. Notable examples would be many members of TaN or characters such as Wiseman.
  • Traders: PCs who broker items to be traded. This term is sometimes synonymous with the "Informant" proffession. Notable examples would include (but are not limited to) any Guilds that make use of their Guild Shop, particularly the guild TaN
  • Singers and Comedians: PCs who perform on street corners and in dungeons.
  • Guard: PCs who voluntarily protect the justice of The World. Notable examples enclude the members of guilds such as the Crimson Knights or Moon Tree.
  • Rare Hunter: A collector who seeks anything that is rare or famous.


The World:

Blademaster · Heavy Axeman · Heavy Blade · Long Arm · Twin Blade · Wavemaster

The World R:2:

Adept Rogue · Blade Brandier · Edge Punisher · Flick Reaper · Harvest Cleric · Lord Partizan · Macabre Dancer · Shadow Warlock · Steam Gunner · Tribal Grappler · Twin Blade


Archer · Dual Gunner · Knuckle Master · Werewolf

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