Character Profile
Name Chimney
Gender Male
Class Blademaster
Japanese Voice NA
English Voice NA
First Appearance .hack//Another Birth
Name ?
Age ?
Gender ?

"I almost always get near-death experiences!"
— Chimney —

Chimney (チムニ) is NOVA's happy-go-lucky partner. Together, they ran into BlackRose when she was still a newbie and helped teach her the basics of how the game was played, becoming the first people to exchange Member Addresses with her. They group with her several times over the course of her adventures in The World.



According to the character designer of Another Birth, Chimney's design is based on a mix of Albireo and Kite. In the second Another Birth novel, it mentions Chimney is a Blademaster, but the character sketches in the back of the novel depict him holding twin blades.


Unlike NOVA, Chimney is very energetic and more of an "act first, think later" type of guy, making NOVA the brains of their operation. Despite his impulsive nature, he is a fairly skilled fighter. Chimney's goal is to trigger every kind of trap that exists in The World.


After hearing about Data Bugs Chimney becomes obsessed with finding and fighting against one. NOVA attempts to dissuade him from this, and their argument causes both players to stop talking to each other. He eventually finds when while grouping with BlackRose and Tarou. Chimney unsuccessfully tries to fight against it, and is only saved from death when NOVA appears and helps hold it off so he can escape. Badly shaken, Chimney apologizes to his friend and the two begin speaking again.


  • While his character doesn't appear during the games, Kite does read a few of his posts on the BBS.
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