.hack//Chat (.hack//チャット) is a chat client that uses the MetagateX plug-in to move 64-bit avatars and chat in real time. Users can create their own room, visit other users rooms (if they have their Member Address), participate in Events and Dungeons. The scenery is seasonal and changes around the holidays.

Later, however, the chat was changed to the G.U. version of Mac Anu.

.hack//Chat closed on April 30th, 2008.


The World Version

The avatars available to be used in the previous version of .hack//Chat are:

The World R:2 Version

Users can also use their own avatar in PNG or MNG format in a .MGT file created from notepad. Countless Japanese sites have avatars that can be used for .hack//Chat.


The only way to type and display Japanese on the game is by using Microsoft's AppLocale on Internet Explorer, or by changing the language of non-Unicode programs to Japanese in Regional and Language Options.

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