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Chaotic PKs are the most notorious and skilled Player Killers in The World R:2. These PKers are placed on a special blacklist and other players can attempt to kill them for bounties. During his PK Tournament Sakaki recruited several of the Chaotic PKs and set them against Team Haseo in the first round. However Haseo was able to defeat them and continued on in the tournament.

The Blacklist

Chaotic PKs and the order they appear in the games' blacklists
Name Rebirth Reminisce Redemption
Greedy Cervantes 1 Wave 1 of PK Tournament Round 1 and Lawless Fort quest
Genjyo the Fatal 2 1
Fiery Genie-Five 3 Lawless Fort quest
Magical Pokotan 4 3 3
Garden Michelle 5 Lawless Fort quest
Poison Lei Lei 6 5
Immortal Goriki 7 2 Wave 4 of PK Tournament Round 1 and Lawless Fort quest
Maniac Helluger 1 PK Tournament Round 2
Silent TERU 4 4
Suzuki of the 7 Seas 5 Wave 3 of PK Tournament Round 1
Wicked Ibaku 6 Lawless Fort quest
Wicked Gerango 7 Lawless Fort quest
Kaotin in the Shadows 2
Lady Bomber Jahad 6
Yokochi "Steel" Taro 7
Natsume the Edgemaniac Secret postgame event

The numbers list what order they will show up in the blacklists. Anything other than a number shows that the PK shows up in a non-blacklist event.


The Chaotic PKs in .hack//LINK, led by Kaochin.

Chaotic PKs return in .hack//Link as a group of villains. The group is led by .hack//SIGN villain, Kaochin, who was obsessed by lady Subaru's appearance matching hers. Most of the PKs that fight alongside Kaochin are PKs that appeared in .hack//G.U. as Chaotic PKs themselves. The team comprises Cervantes, Gerango, Ibaku, and Pokotan.

Gabi appears as a Chaotic PK as well, but doesn't seem to be in league with Kaochin, whether he and Kaochin are allies or enemies has yet to be revealed.