"This is the Chaos Gate, a sort of transfer device that takes us from one place to another."

Every Root Town contains a Chaos Gate, a gate which allows players to transport themselves between Servers and to Fields and Dungeons.

The World

Mac Anu's Chaos Gate in The World

In The World, Chaos Gates close the town to the fields, deterring monster attacks. On rare occasion, however, CC Corp's unique Events sometimes stage a battle in a server's Root Town.

These gates allow access to all of the server's "fields," which contain Monsters to slay and Dungeons to explore. Players assemble a code of 3 keywords, and based on those keywords, are teleported to a field whose parameters are directly affected by each keyword's specific properties. Each keyword affects specific attributes of the given field, from the type of field, to the monster level and population.

These gates appear as a golden circular disc hovering in the air, spinning in circles, with a blue screen, as if to show into other worlds. When activated, the gate is encompassed by spinning golden bands, rapidly circling around it. Golden bands rapidly circle around the players downward, and the players are then teleported to their specified destination, appearing with golden bands spinning in circles around the player downwards. There are also special gates located throughout The World.

The World R:2

Mac Anu's Chaos Gate in The World R:2

"This is a crest device that is key to creating a barrier that stops monsters from invading the town."
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In The World R:2, smaller sub-varieties of gates exist in addition to Chaos Gates:

  • Warp Points are teleporters used by players to move around Root Towns, Dungeons, and Fields. Warp Points found on fields require Chim Spheres to operate.
  • Platforms are found throughout fields and dungeons, and are used to return to a town's Chaos Gate, akin to the "Gate Out" feature in The World. Guilds of rank 3 or above can also use platforms to access their storage.