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Character Profile
Name Cervantes
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Blade Brandier
Guild Kestrel
Name Kouhei Oosawa
Age 17
Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor ???
Character Voice Mitsuo Iwata
First Appearance .hack//G.U.: Rebirth

"Your ass is grass the next time I see you!"
— Cervantes —

Cervantes (セルバンデス) is a Chaotic PK with the title Greedy Cervantes.



Cervantes plays a PC of a young male dressed in mostly black and purple, save for his bright red scarf. He has a pompador, typical of Japanese gang members.


He talks cool and tough when he encounters Haseo. An example of this would be found in Redemption where he pretended to have won the last time he and Haseo fought. He is actually quite cowardly, and avoids fights with anybody who is stronger then him. This behavior eventually resulted in him losing his position on the blacklist.


Basic Info

Kouhei Oosawa (大沢耕平) is a 17-year-old male high school student living in Mie Prefecture. A member of a notorious local gang, he joined The World R:2 for the bike-riding feature. He loses his temper easily, so he quickly became a PK.



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See Cervantes (LINK)


  • The sword that Cervantes wields in Redemption is similar to the one found in his concept art, save for it's blue/white hue.
  • He is called Cervy by Blue Eye Samurai in a forum post, indicating that Blue Eye, being a PKK, knows Cervantes well.

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