The World R:2 The World R:X

Character Profile
Name Cashmere
Gender Male
Race Human
Class Blade Brandier
Guild None
Name Yuuta Sudou
Age 12
Gender Male
Media Information
English Actor Cathy Weseluck
Character Voice Mitsuki Saiga
First Appearance .hack//Roots

"I'd rather study than play a stupid game like this!"
— Cashmere —

Cashmere (カシミヤ) is the younger brother of Wool and a newbie Blade Brandier in The World R:2.



Cashmere is a dark skinned Warrior dressed in dark red clothing and armor. Most of his body is covered in a long red cloak. He originally wore a short tunic, but got his current appearance after Tabby gave him a makeover. In combat he wields a long crimson colored sword.


Cashmere likes to complain about anything and everything. In contrast to his sociable brother, Cashmere is much more withdrawn and is very suspicious of strangers. He is always seen alongside his brother, who is his partner in the game. But he's also friends with both Tabby and Kuhn, who helped him out during his first adventure.


Basic Info

In the real world, Cashmere is a young boy named Yuuta. After his older brother failed his Junior High School entrance exams, their parents decided that Yuuta needed to focus all of his attention on studying, and ignore everything else. His brother feels responsible for this and does his best to help him out when he can.



With their parents out for the day, Yuuta's brother convinces him to play The World R:2 for a little bit, saying that he needs a break from studying. Yuuta grudgingly agrees and creates his character, Cashmere, while his brother creates Wool. In their first adventure, they are saved from a monster by Tabby. She decides to teach them how to play the game, using some of her money to update their equipment. But they quickly discover that she's still a newbie herself. Luckily, Phyllo introduces them to Kuhn who agrees to teach them the real way to play. Cashmere is unimpressed by Kuhn, and announces that he'd rather study then play a stupid game like The World R:2, but Kuhn beats some sense into him (literally). Kuhn tells him that his brother took the time to bring him out here, so he might as well enjoy himself. With this in mind, Cashmere begins to have fun, and promises his brother that they'll play again once his exams are over.

The two continued to play when they could find the time, slowly becoming more and more powerful characters. While trying to sell some of the items they'd found they stumbled across a shop run by the player Pilocchio and his partner Ita. They were also introduced to Tohta and hired him to help find Tabby who they had lost contact with. Cashmere and Wool became regulars at the shop and later helped Pilocchio and Ita fight off a group of Real Money Traders who had been trying to put their shop out of business.


  • Some fansubs give Cashmere's name as "Kashimia", but this is simply a Japanese transliteration of the English word "Cashmere" (like "Bea" to "Bear", etc.).