Carmina Gadelica

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Cultural City
The Song of Gael
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"Carmina Gadelica means 'The Song of Gael.' It is a metropolis, a fusion of science and traditional knowledge."
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Carmina Gadelica, located on the Lambda Server, is the third Root Town that players usually visit in The World. The fields and dungeons here are much tougher then those located in the previous servers. Players who plan on adventuring here must be well prepared if they want to have a chance to survive as the monsters here start making heavy use of tolerances, forcing players to have a wide variety of skills in order to defeat them.

Carmina Gadelica is the Root Town of Lambda Server, it means "the Song of Gael." The town is a large metropolis bathed in eternal night. The streets and canals of this town are lined with numerous shops, bars, and parks. Airships fly around the city though players are unable to ride on them. The city is generally used as a gathering point for more experienced players and is a center of trade within The World.

Sora spends a lot of his time on Lambda Server. His antics have earned him a reputation as the infamous "PKer of Carmina Gadelica".

During the War of the Gods, Carmina Gadelica was destroyed by Lanceor the Spirit of Thunder. This is why it does not exist in The World R:2.


  • Carmina Gadelica takes it's name from a 19th-century collection Gaelic folklore of the same name.

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