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"Canard, it's a Guild to help newbies."
— Kuhn —

Canard (カナード) is a newbie-friendly group, dedicated to aiding newcomers to The World R:2. The guild was founded by Kuhn when he left his position of Vice-Guildmaster of Kestrel. The fact that it is a newbie-related group makes it the target of Kestrel's PKers. Leadership passed to Silabus when Kuhn left to join Raven, and then finally to Haseo, because he's a "natural leader".



Canard's @HOME in Mac Anu


Canard's @Home in Dol Dona

Canard's @HOME was originally a small-guild @HOME located in Mac Anu, the same kind used by the Twilight Brigade and Raven. Later, as Haseo's prestige increases, Canard's @HOME moves to a medium-sized guild @HOME in Dol Dona. In Volume 3, the Canard @HOME is moved to the large-sized guild @HOME in Breg Epona. Eventually, due to Zelkova's interest in Haseo's PC, he permanently moves the @HOME to Net Slum Tartarga.


The original gruntie was Kuhn's Grunty, but after he left, Silabus's Sila Grunty took over. When Haseo took over as Guild Master, the Grunty became Death Grunty.


Ex Members[]

The World FORCE:ERA[]




  • Canard wings are stabilizers on aircrafts that reduce drag. Silabus notes that the guild was made to help newbies just like how canards assist aircrafts during flight.
  • In .hack//Alcor, Nanase was a member of Canard. However, by the time the G.U. games occurred, she's already left, possibly playing Sophora full-time now.
  • Interestingly enough, "canard" is French for "duck", which continues the naming Guilds after birds theme established by Kestrel and Raven.
  • In .Hack 4Koma, a repeating gag is characters guessing that Canard means going senile when others are unable to come up with its meaning.
  • Haseo does not become the Guildmaster in G.U.+