"The World wouldn't survive if it really had an ending."
— Brigit —

Brigit (ブリギット) was a character used by the player Rena Kunisaki.



Brigit is a tall silver haired woman. Her torso and right arm and leg are armored, while her left arm and leg are bare, revealing a long snakelike wave tattoo that winds all the way down the left side of her body. Her head is covered in a helmet, and is decorated with a starlike wave symbol.


Though her personality can be a bit abrasive, Brigit is a character who cares deeply for her friends. She dislikes when others insult her friends, taking them as attacks against herself. Though she tries to act tough she is also prone to childlike temper tantrums, revealing the personality of the young girl who controls her in the real world.


Basic Info

The player controlling Brigit is a young girl named Rena Kunisaki.

For more information, see Rena.





The story of Rumor involves Rena's old PC, a Blademaster named Brigit, who begins to wonder why she plays The World after her partner, MAHO, decides to quit the game. She soon encounters a Vagrant AI named Rumor who tells her the legend of the .hackers. Intrigued, Brigit decides to continue playing The World, so that she can become a hero like the legendary .hackers. Later on, Rena shows Brigit to Mireille and Ouka, and then logs back on as Rena to continue playing The World with her brother, Shugo.

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