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Breg Epona

The World Information
Dual City
Exalted[1] Mare[2]
Level Range

Breg Epona replaces Fort Ouph as the Root Town of Sigma Server in The World R:2. The city's Chaos Gate allows players to travel to fields and dungeons with the highest leveled monsters in the game.

The World R:2 Storyline

Breg Epona served as a last resort weapons factory made by the Humans during their conflicts with the Beast Tribes.



Root Towns

The World:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dun Loireag (Θ) · Carmina Gadelica (Λ) · Fort Ouph (Σ) · Lia Fail (Ω) · Naval Monte

The World R:2:

Mac Anu (Δ) · Dol Dona (Θ) · Lumina Cloth (Ω) · Breg Epona (Σ)

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