As a Vital Vista Bikman might not have a gender, but for the purposes of this article male pronouns are used.

"It's stimulated my creative impulses! I can feel the ideas gushing forth."
— Bikman —

Bikman (ビックマン) is a Vital Vista who lives in Mac Anu. An artist by trade, Bikman hires Haseo several times to find various ingredients for paint. Impressed by his successes Bikman also decides to ask for Haseo's help in passing out fliers. These fliers are meant to advertise Bikman's portrait business. With Haseo's help Bikman eventually succeeds in becoming a successful artist in Breg Epona, however when his creativity dries up he once again enlists Haseo's help, sneaking into a dungeon with him to spy on a secret meeting between the various Guild Grunties. The expedition turns into a fiasco when the group is attacked by monsters, but the event is enough to restore Bikman's inspiration. Realizing that his place is on the streets, Bikman abandons his home in Breg Epona and returns to being a simple street artist in Mac Anu.


  • During each of the Azure Knights Promise Endings, Bikman helps translate the Knights unintelligible moans and grunts for Haseo. Bikman becomes quite inspired after watching the knights throw themselves at Haseo in a fit of passion.