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Beast of the Apocalypse (黙示録の獣) is a character in .hack//Link.






Generated within The Akashic Records, Beast of the Apocalypse is a Vagrant AI created from the rage Haseo felt after Ovan betrayed him during the events of within .hack//Link and appears within the .hack//G.U. Trilogy section of the timeline. After Haseo comes to terms with his existence, the Beast of the Apocalypse goes on to Canard along the rest of the original members from G.U.

.hack//Link: Twilight Knights

The Beast of the Apocalypse is known here as Haseo's B-st Form. The B-st Form was brought about when Posaune made changes to Haseo's PC data. However, this form didn't show up until after Haseo was defeated in the arena by Tokio. Upon B-st Form's awakening, he used his tail-like appendages to impale Tsukasa, who was caught off-guard. This led to Posaune taking Tsukasa's now liberated Chrono Core. After defeating Tsukasa, B-st Form knocked Tokio down and continued to attack him relentlessly. However, Tokio was able to survive the onslaught long enough to summon the Sword of Balance that would free Haseo from B-st Form.



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