Balder is Sora Yuki's friend in .hack//Beyond The World.



Balder is a Paladin. He physically resembles Balmung from the first .hack installments except for the lack of wings and an embroidered silver armor.



Basic Info

Okano Tomohiko(岡野智彦)


.hack// The Movie

Okano is Tanaka's bestfriend and ally, both offline and online. He is the Guild master of Crusade (クルセイド) and helps beginners, such as Sora, in gaining experience. Balder was previously mistaken by Sora to be the PC behind Okano, which led to some confusion when he admitted to Sora online that he liked her. Balder lead a flotilla of battleships from his guild on the final battle against the Virus Bug. At the end of the story, Sora chose Tanaka instead when Okano revealed the truth about his affection for her.


A year after the events of .hack//Beyond the world, Okano teams up with Kite(Sora) and Gondo to face other players from the previous .hack games.



  • When showing his stats to Sora for the first time, his name erroneously reads Baldolle, but in the next scene, it reads properly as Balder on Sora's phone.
  • On the inicial draft of the movie Tomohiko was called Yasuhiko as a callback to Kite´s friend in the original games.
  • He has a digital pet in the game called Sky.
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