It's only a virtual world, I realize, but thoughts turn into reality, so the world I abandoned by resetting might have remained engulfed by evil.
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Concept art for Haseo's "B-st Form".

B-st Form is a Job Extend of Haseo's that appears in .hack//G.U. Trilogy. It wields dual Broadswords, as well as its claws, but reduces Haseo's intellect to that of a snarling beast. Though Haseo confronted Ovan in this form, it proved vastly inferior to Ovan's unsealed mode.

One of B-st Form's strangest attack forms is its ability to tear open a behemoth rift from which are spawned hundreds of different broadswords that attack in a continuous stream of blades. If the attack is blocked, the swords are scattered across the area but remain in existence until Haseo is knocked down. Haseo can pick up these swords and use them normally.

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