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Character Profile
Tri Edge - Azure Flame Kite (Link).jpg
Name Azure Flame Knight
Gender Male
Race Wandering A.I. - Human
Class Twin Sword
Weapon Empty Skies
Weapon Type Dual Blades
Revision The World R:X
Personal Data
Media Information
Character Voice Sayaka Aida (相田さやか)
First Appearance .hack//LINK: Twilight Knights
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"Run. There is no time to explain... Hurry!"
— Azure Flame Kite —

Knight of the Azure Flame (葬炎の騎士, Souen no Kishi) is a character in .hack//LINK.



Azure Flame's appearance is somewhat like Kite's appearance, except with a more disturbing and terrifying look. His clothing is made up like Kite's except for the stitches, the extended amount of bands and belts covering almost his entire body, and his hair, being much longer, and scruffier than Kite's.


In all games, he's silent and the only way to talk he has is groaning and yelling. However, in .hack//Link he speaks (with words, not yelling), and his voice is somehow like Kite's but a bit more raspy. He also communicates via corrupted text messages, just like in .hack//G.U. Redemption. Despite his bizarre voice, Azure Flame Knight is a really quiet character. Instead, on battle he shouts a lot. It seems that he's really attached to Azure Balmung and Azure Orca. He's even attached to the original Kite, despite the fact that they fought each other in one of the events.



Azure Flame Knight is also a boss who fights Tokio and Kite. He later gives Tokio his member address.

.hack//LINK: Twilight Knights


-Azure Flame Knight (as well as Azure Flame Kite) was the 6th most popular character in the .hack character popularity poll for the 10th anniversary.