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Azure Flame God

Phase Information
Azure Flame God
Guardian Deity of Azure Flames
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Powers & Abilities
Normal Shot

Azure Fire Ball 1
Azure Fire Ball 2
Azure Tiger Claws
Azure Wildflower

Data Drain

Azure Flame God (蒼炎の守護神) is the second form of Azure Flame Kite. It is similar to an Avatar.


.hack//G.U. Games


Azure Flame God (G.U.)

Azure Flame Kite appears at the end of Rebirth after Haseo locate Atoli within the room on the other side of Morrigu Barrow Wall. The room exists outside the areas created and observed by system administrators. After detecting system abnormalities nearby he prepares to resolves the situation. However, he is mistaken for Tri-Edge and Haseo, Pi, and Kuhn confront him. A battle arises leaving him damaged by the three. Near defeat Azure Flame Kite uses Drain Heart, using the area to restore his data. From there he transforms into the Azure Flame God. Haseo then activates his own avatar. Azure Flame God is defeated by Skeith and reverts to Azure Flame Kite. Azure Flame Kite's azure coding is revealed before he breaks down into data fragments and removed from the area. Afterward Atoli is attacked by AIDA Helen, the same being Azure Flame Kite was detecting.

.hack//G.U. Trilogy

Azure Flame God (Trilogy)

Azure Flame God (Trilogy)

Azure Flame Kite appears moments after Haseo, Pi, an Kuhn find Atoli in outer space. Immediately after the arrival he breaks the ground sending the group into avatar space where he transforms into the Azure Flame God.

.hack//G.U. Rebirth Attacks

  • Normal Shot: A wave of energy balls.
  • Azure Fire Ball 1: Large blue flame attack.
  • Azure Fire Ball 2: Burst of small flame attacks
  • Azure Tiger Claws: A series of spinning blades
  • Azure Wildflower : Rush attack
  • Data Drain : A damage-over-time effect.


  • The arc Azure Flame God is the same sky crest on Kite's hat and the symbol behind Azure Flame Kite in Link.
  • Azure Flame God uses moves similar to attack skills by Kite in the original game only without the word Azure.
  • Azure Flame God's G.U. theme is called "Everything in these Hands".

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