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Avatar Macha is the Avatar of Endrance.


.hack//G.U. Games

Endrance uses Macha to cheat in the Arena, defeating players in one blow. Haseo confronts him however, and is able to use Skeith to defeat him and take his title of Champion, destroying "Mia", an AIDA that was infecting him, in the process.


Macha in G.U.+

In GU+, Macha is controlled by Endrance, a powerful fighter in the Arena. After watching him defeat Alkaid, Haseo realizes that Endrance is an Epitaph User. Endrance challenges Haseo to a fight but loses when Haseo summons Avatar Skeith and defeats him. After the fight, Endrance is attacked by Tri-Edge while exploring a field. He summons Macha to defend him, but Tri-Edge defeats them both, causing Endrance to fall into a coma in the real world.


Macha (LINK)

.hack//G.U.//Rebirth Attacks

  • Energy Rings: Macha throws 8 energy rings, 4 from each hand, as she cuts the air with her claws.
  • Slash: Macha hands starts glowing and charges towards you to slash you with her claws. Use side dash to evade it or dash forward and slash before she can hit you to stop her.
  • Bolt of Love: Macha summons a huge rose with a whistling sound. It then releases four roses that are capable of shooting laser beams. Hit X to slash them away.
  • Seductive Voice: Macha unleashes a huge high-pitched vibration. Hit Side Dash to evade it. Or alternatively, if you are close enough, dash up to Macha and slash in order to effectively interrupt her attack.
  • Bewitching Wind: Macha summons a huge rose and it breaks down into small rose petals and then into petals that surrounds him/her. Use side dash to evade it when Macha charges at you. This is almost always used in tandem with Seductive Voice.
  • Data Drain: Macha turns upside down and opens the giant rose, that forms her lower body, to reveal a large cannon-like bracelet and fires a huge energy blast at Skeith. Once Data-Drained, hit all buttons to reduce the damage dealt to Skeith in order to survive the attack.


Macha Prototype (G.U. Perfect Guide Page 48-49).JPG

  • Macha's GU theme song is called "She". Part of the choruses from "Dead World of Indieglut Lugh" can be heard in it.
  • Like Skeith is to Ryou Misaki, the player behind both Sora and Haseo, Macha was connected to Endrance's player Kaoru Ichinose seven years prior, as Mia, to Ichinose's character, Elk. Also, like Sora, Mia was the other half of the basis for the Epitaph Users.
  • Macha's appearance is based off a rose, a veiled wedding dress and a cat.