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Avatar Gorre is the Avatar of Sakubo.


End of The World

Following his defeat, the remnants of Gorre's data were lost deep inside the systems of The World. As part of Jyotaro Amagi's Salvage Plan, Gorre's data was recovered and stored in a specially created Epitaph PC. However, during the disastrous test of the Epitaph PCs, Gorre was able to flee into the system and escape CC Corp's control.

.hack//G.U. Games

The Avatar Gorre is controlled by Epitaph Users Sakubo. The avatar is awakened in Reminisce.

While searching for Endrance, who had locked himself within the lake in the Lost Ground Indieglut Lugh, Haseo encounters an AIDA-infected Saku, who unleashes Gorre in a misguided attempt to protect her beloved "Master-En". Haseo defeats her and Data Drains Gorre, removing the infection.

Unlike other Avatars, Gorre is a collection of pieces that reorient into different forms to suit the situation. Saku controls the primary, offense-oriented red mode, while Bo controls the secondary, defensively-oriented blue mode. While one User is in control, the upper body of the other User's form is stowed within the gap in one of the large petal-like components. Both Saku and Bo control the Avatar at the same time during Data Drain, or during the second part of Paradise Invite.


.hack//G.U.//Reminisce Attacks

  • Energy Shots: Gorre *Saku* jumps around a little and fires off a wide spread burst of energy needles at Skeith.
  • Bloom of Destiny: Gorre *Saku* will grab her "skirt," spin it above her head, then throws it at Skeith. Slash it three times to destroy it.
  • Painful Blow: Gorre *Saku* charges at Skeith with a punch attack. Causes bats to be released on contact for some reason.
  • Paradise Invite: Gorre changes form into Bo's form and starts releasing bubbles to keep you away. If not slashed in approximately 10 seconds, Bo will pin Skeith for Saku to beat up on, before she sends off Skeith with a powerful uppercut.
  • Data Drain: Both Saku and Bo comes out and Saku will start fighting with Bo to help defeat Skeith. Both then help each other to create a large cannon in front of them and fires it at their opponent. Tap rapidly to reduce damage incurred.


— Bloom of Destiny —
"Here I go!"
— Painful Blow —
"Stay back!"
— Paradise Invite —
— Paradise Invite —
"Move over!/Ow!/Don't just stand there, we gotta get out there and win!/Alright!"
— Data Drain —


  • Gorre's G.U. theme song is called "Double Prayer".
  • Gorre is the only one who has two physical forms, one is a girl dressed in sun themed, and the other is a boy with themed clothing of the moon.

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