"Humans have physical limits, but the AI has no limits to growth. I want to know where it will lead. I want to see what lies there."
Harald Hoerwick

"Artificial Intelligence", or "AI" for short refers to programs that are able to act independently of a user. AI-controlled characters automatically act based on their programming, and are often used to run NPCs.

Wandering AI

Vagrant, Wandering, and Rogue AI are Artificial Intelligence beings that act outside of CC Corp's programming. Some are allegedly created by hackers for fun or to cause problems, but it's much more likely that they are born from the Black Box itself. Particularly in the early days of The World, contact with Vagrant AIs could cause corruption of PC data. Regardless of origin, Vagrant AIs are targeted for destruction by the Cobalt Knights. According to Lycoris, all data collected by Vagrant AI's are funneled into the Ultimate AI, Aura. While a few Vagrant AIs are able to exist on their own, many cannot, and continuously search for "The End", or the trigger that will end their program and lay them to rest.

Autonomous AI

Ultimate AI

The Ultimate AI is the ultimate goal of Harald Hoerwick. If there truly was an Ultimate AI, it would have the ability to act of its own accord, judge for itself what actions to take, contradict itself, evolve by itself, and have a personality indistinguishable from humans. Harald named the one fated to become the Ultimate AI Aura, and created the Morganna System to collect the data from players—transmitted through monsters, equipment, and even money in the game—to create the Ultimate AI.

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  • Often the appearance of an AI is accompanied by the musical tone A in C major.