An Area generally refers to any independent place accessible by a Chaos Gate in The World and The World R:2. The term is mostly applied to fields and dungeons, although other places like Lost Grounds and Legendary Lands also fit the description. The term is generally not used in references to Root Towns or special places like Net Slum, Harald's Rooms, or places that exist outside of the system like Outer Dungeons.

==The World R:1 Note: These areas appear in INFECTION, MUTATION, OUTBREAK, and QUARANTINE.

Delta Server

  • Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground
  • Δ Lonely Silent Great Seal
  • Δ Buried Pagan Fiery Sands
  • Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field
  • Δ Putrid Hot-blooded Scaffold
  • Δ Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder
  • Δ Plenteous Smiling Hydra
  • Δ Raging Passionate Melody
  • Δ Closed Oblivious Twin Hills
  • Δ Boundless Corrupted Fort Walls
  • Δ Indiscreet Gluttonous Pilgrimage
  • Δ Expansive Haunted Sea of Sand
  • Δ Discovered Primitive Touchstone

Theta Server

  • Θ Quiet Eternal White Devil
  • Θ Soft Solitary Tri Pansy
  • Θ Collapsed Momentary Spiral
  • Θ Cursed Despaired Paradise
  • Θ Beautiful Someone's Treasure Gem
  • Θ Great Distant Fertile Land
  • Θ Chosen Hopeless Nothingness
  • Θ Soaring Sky Bounded Abyss
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