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"Archer" is the name given to an unnamed theoretical class in The World. Players carrying

An Archer seen in battle.

quivers and bows make an appearance in .hack//SIGN, apparently using the bow and arrow as a primary weapon, but the lack of archers in any other series seems to imply that this is a mistake. There is no class capable of archery in .hack//frägment, and Albireo, who has been playing since Fragment, makes no reference to an archer class. The Archers could be a product of hackers, or simply an oversight by the animators.

Archers make appearances in the following SIGN episodes:

In Legend of the Twilight the Cerulean Knights are also archers. Three fire arrows at the modified PC's tied to Kamui's slot machine.

The World R:X

In .hack//Link, Kite's Xth Form wields a bow.


Archer emblem

Archer (射手 - アーチァー) is a Advanced Class in The World FORCE:ERA and is a progression of the Starter Class Twin Blade. This Class uses a Bow and Arrow.


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