AIDA<Anna>, is a type of AIDA found in The World R:2 that resembles a simple lifeform, such as a protozoan. It is thought to be an early developmental stage of AIDA.


  • Kobold Bullet: Anna throws several balls of energy at its target. Slash to deflect.
  • Algol Laser: Anna shoots a large energy beam at its target. Avoid with dash.



After being sent to investigate a strange data fluctuation, Pi and Kuhn witnessed the birth of an Anna. When their conventional attacks failed to injure it, Pi was forced to activate Avatar Tarvos to defeat it. Realizing that these creatures were a threat, Yata decided to investigate them further, and named them "AIDA".

.hack//G.U. Rebirth

The first appearance of an Anna-type AIDA is in the Dead World of Indieglut Lugh, where one attempts to infect Atoli, but is defeated and Data Drained by Kuhn. Later, Yata dispatches Pi and Haseo to investigate Δ Delicious Past Weed Eater, an area infected with Anna. Haseo Data Drains three of them, but a fourth attacks Zelkova and ultimately infects Pi, using Avatar Tarvos to defend itself. Haseo is able to defeat it however, and Data Drains it, saving Pi. Anna-type AIDA appear frequently from then on after, and are the most common type of AIDA Haseo encounters throughout the series.

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