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Character Profile
Name Alph
Gender Female
Class Wavemaster
Media Information
Japanese Voice N/A
English Voice N/A
First Appearance .hack//ZERO
Name ?
Age 12
Gender Female

Alph (アルフ) is a female Wavemaster who is friends with the Heavy Axeman Carl.



Alph wears a Mistral-type outfit in pink and white, with large glasses that keep slipping down her nose.


Alph enjoys meeting and trading Member Addresses with as many people as she can. She is young and idealistic, and is sure that people are generally good.


Basic Info

In the real world Alph is a 12-year old girl. Nothing else is known about her.




A friend of Carl, Alph becomes increasingly concerned over Carl's tendencies towards both PKing and hacking. When she confronts Carl about it, Carl becomes angry and storms away. Alph soon finds out about Carl's connections to the famous PKer Sora, as well as with the mysterious girl Aura. She gives the information about Aura to the Descendants of Fianna, Orca and Balmung who are busy investigating her. When Carl's actions begin to get even more out of control Alph begins to fear that Carl could face punishment from the System Administrators. In an attempt to help Carl, she calls her friend Sieg to talk to her. However her plan backfires; not only does Carl refuse to listen to Sieg, but she has another fight with her.

Later, Alph was attacked along with Carl by Skeith. This caused her to fall into a coma in the real world.


Alph's disappearance soon drew the attention of her friend Meg, who created a topic on the BBS asking for information about her. After seeing the post BlackRose contacted Meg, who was able to supply her with the information necessary to locate Skeith.