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Title .hack//Alcor -Benetnasch Overture-
Volume(s) 1
Author Kanami Amou
Artist Rena Izumibara
Publisher Kadokawa Shoten
Publishing Magazine .hack//G.U.: The World
ISBN Number(s) ISBN 4047139084
Japanese Release Date March 26, 2007
US Release Date December 1, 2009

.hack//Alcor -Benetnasch Overture- (.hack//Alcor -破軍の序曲-) is a manga included in the Magazine .hack//G.U.: The World. The manga is drawn by the same artists of .hack//GnU and it is assumed to have replaced it in GU: The World.


Alcor focuses on a Twin Blade named Nanase who falls in love with Silabus. Alkaid is also an important character in it as it takes place during her days as champion of the Arena.

Nanase joins Canard in order to spend more time with Silabus. After watching Alkaid become the Emperor of the Demon Palace Arena, she becomes jealous of how much praise Alkaid receives from Silabus and swears to be better than Alkaid so that Silabus will finally notice her.

Nanase is constantly a target of the PK, Bordeaux, and it's revealed that Nanase was formerly a member of Kestrel, but left and joined Canard. In order to catch her, Bordeaux sends a fake e-mail to Silabus, claiming to be a beginner in need, to which Silabus doesn't hesitate to help out. However, Nanase chickens out, afraid of meeting up with Bordeaux and leaves Gaspard to get Silabus on his own. After Alkaid hears that Silabus was PKed by members of Nanase's former guild, she grows a distaste for Nanase and believes that she set Silabus up to hurt him. In a field alone, pondering over herself in real life, she is attacked by a monster but saved by Kuhn who coaxes Nanase into confessing her feelings.


Title in .hack//G.U.: The World