Albireo (アルビレオ, Arubireo) is a character in .hack//Link.



Albireo chooses a unique look for his character, with one blue eye and one golden eye, the colors of the binary star Albireo, from which he takes his name. His body is that of a tanned young man, with a wolfcut hairstyle. He practices the Earth Wave, as shown by the hexagon-shaped wave symbols on his upper arms, forehead, and armor. He wields a large spear with a strange design pattern on it.



Kazushi Watarai (度会 一詩) was once leader of CC Corp's debug team the Cobalt Knights. After quitting CC Corp, he began working as a free-lance system engineer.

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Albireo first appeared in 2009 timeline together with Lycoris. Under Hokum's request, Tokio went to a dungeon to find Albireo and Lycoris. However, before Tokio could talk further, Albireo left the area with Lycoris. He later appeared again, ready to delete Lycoris for being a Hollow A.I, which stopped by Tokio. At this time, the power of Akashic Record activated, showing Lycoris in the past how she was unwanted by A.I Harald for unable to become Aura. Lycoris then stabbed herself with Albireo's spear as she stated how an A.I like her has no right to exist in The World for being a trash and she then became a Lycoris flower. This greatly stunned Albireo and her deletion left him scarred.

Not long after Lycoris' deletion, Albireo invited Tokyo to go back to the area where Lycoris was deleted, explaining that he had a strange dream of seeing Lycoris returned from being a flower and Tokio was there as well, so he wanted to check the flower in the area. He also revealed that after the incident, he began to question whether deleting all Hollow A.Is like Lycoris is the truly the right thing to do. Reaching where the flower was, a fragment of Lycoris' data appeared in front of Albireo and Tokio, telling Albireo not to blame himself for what happened because this is her fate. She then destroyed Albireo's spear before disappearing for good, leaving Albireo to wonder does this mean she forgave her.



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