Akashic Records

Akashic Records

Akashic Records

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.hack//AI Buster

Other References .hack//Link

The Akashic Records are records of the past log data and an extension of Aura's memories within The World. By using the Chrono Cores of the Akashic Records, Schicksal planned to take full control over the Akashic Records and the Ultimate AI Aura while also gaining the ability to manipulate the memories of the Twilight Knights. During .hack//Link, they are an important plot point in the series where they were proposed by Geist and by CC2 as a measure to gain control over the system, were used by Aura to summon The Twilight Knights and by Tokio and Saika as part of their roles in the Immortal Dusk plan.

World Memory

At least what I call 'God' he clarified "Even though no individual can ever grasp the system as a whole, it's still programmed for anyone to look at any of its pieces. The entire world exists in binary code and is stored in Akashic records. The World that we witness is displayed on a screen. Its not reality. We're witnessing the illusion of reality, what Hindus call [i]maya[/i]. Its really just a shadow world. But the system itself is alive, and constantly operating every moment of every day. I call that system God."Watarai to Sakei. (.hack//AI buster 2. pg. 113)

The concept is first mentioned mentioned by Watari in AI Buster.


  • The Akashic Records is a mythical library, computer, or mind containing all the knowledge of the universe.
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