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Akashic Line (アカシックライン) was an online game created by Jyotaro Amagi as a testbed for his Real Digitalization technology under the support from Ministry of Economy and produced by CC Corp. It was released for only three months as a closed beta. The game succeeded in digitalizing Tokio Kuryuu, an unsuspecting Double Ware, for a few seconds.

After the beta ended, data for the game remained on the internet. Eventually benevolent AIDA found their way into the game and inhabited the body of an event NPC called AIKA, who Amagi had subconsciously based on his aunt Ayaka Amagi.

Data for the game was later analyzed by Geist and Saika Amagi, and the latter retrieved AIKA as a key to finding her cousin.


The idea for opening up the closed beta online game, Akashic Line was came from Jyotaro Amagi, a genius programmer who were obsessed with madness, devoted himself to researching a real digitalization, and this purposely intended as a tool for children's emotional education in search for them who be able to do a real digitize in flesh and blood.

Over 666 users which all of them are children under the age 8 to 12 were selected as a players for the closed beta online game, and Tokio Kuryuu was one of them who were selected when he was at the age of 8 without realizing it's true purpose. And thus Tokio is the only users and participant who have succeeded real digitalize himself into the game for the first time as he reached the final quest during his fighting against Dark Lord and saving the princess, thus proof that Jyotaro's theory about real digitalize was true.

This Akashic Line's base data was used into beyond capacities in favor for creating The World R:X along with Akashic Records which it's goal to real digitalize human race.


Heaven - A world Full of Light, Overflowing with Harmony

The celestial who live here and leave all decisions to the “Akashic Records”, so there’s no leader.

Underworld - The Creation by a Great Distortion

The evil and ugly beast lived here, and they are ruled by the Dark Lord, Carlog. His castle is in the depths of the Underworld guarded by the Four Heavenly Kings, the most powerful beasts in the world.

Human World - World where Human have Power

Humans are a short-lived and rapidly reproducing race. Their young kings, Atlas, with his overwhelming military might and charisma, had finally succeeded in unifying the entire continent.


In this world, there was a "Heavenly World" filled with light. The celestial beings who lived in the heavenly world had the power to read the Akashic Records, which stored all the information since the creation of the universe, and lived a contented life according to the "future" inscribed in the records. However, one of the celestials, Carlog, felt dissatisfied with the "future" and rewrote it by his own hand. As a result, the world is divided into the Heavenly Realm and the Underworld. The Celestials, accused of his crimes, fled to the "Underworld" and became the "King of the Underworld" with their beasts and monsters.

Then, a war between the "Underworld" and the "Heavenly Realm" takes place that lasts for 3,000 years. The fierce clash of light and darkness would bring about a new revolution in the world. It is the birth of the human world. Humans are a young race, possessing the attributes of both Light and Darkness, and still harboring undifferentiated power. The forces of the Heavenly Realm and the Underworld are in complete opposition. Which way the scales will tip will depend on the actions of the humans!


  • As The World R:X was created with the based data from Akashic Line, few of the objects was created based on that closed beta game, one of them are Akashic Records.