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The ALTIMIT MINE OS default desktop

ALTIMIT Mine OS is the operating system used in .hack//G.U. and created by ALTIMIT Corporation as a replacement for the original ALTIMIT OS. It was released by ALTIMIT Corp to restore its reputation, which had fallen due to the problems of Pluto Again. It is fully compatible with both The World R:2 and the M2D face-mounted-display.


Altimit consists of 8 different channels

The World R:2

The World R:2 is the main channel in the game.


Consists of all the virtual mails players obtain throughout the series.

Crimson VS

Virtual online card game that is based on the real life .hack G.U. Card Battle


Community is an online chat room where people talk about their problems, strategy, solution, etc. about the WORLD R:2


News talks about the real world


Shows all the past movies that you have encountered throughout the G.U. series. These movies are accessed through the Ryu Book that is filled as you progress in the series


Shows the background and music that you gained throughout the series. The music is gained throughout the Ryu Book only though the Backgrounds can be obtained throughout the Community section as well

Data Management

Allows you to save and load data as you progress throughout the story

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