Loendi Mnyungula better known as "AL-timit" or "Loendi” grew up in Ottery, Cape Town.Through his dance career before becoming a rapper he was always affiliated and inspired by the Hip Hop culture.
At the age of 7 he started dedicating most of his time into dancing and became a professional dancer at the age of 14 in a style known as “Popping”. 
At the age of 14 he also joined up with a movement called the "The FlyKids" lead by well-known rapper YoungstaCpt. Being in the movement as a dancer he started getting inspiration from the rapper YoungstaCpt and done his first ever track "The mother@fu*king Flykids" followed by his first ever solo track called "The Real" recorded under the alias “AL-timit”.
As his reputation grew and him being known as a rapper, he then left the movement to focus on his dance career as a soloist.
After backing down from competing locally, AL-timit The Artist is now making a comeback into the music industry and is more determined now, more than ever. 

Growing up and not having any resources at home, he would look forward to going to school where his school colleagues would play music from the likes of Michael Jackson, Nas, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Notorious BIG, 2Pac, HHP, and Offset, every day after school while waiting for the school bus to arrive. 

The style of music he makes is Trap (new school style) and Boombap (Old school style). In this combination he’ll fuse the two. Upon doing so he’ll incorporate languages such as English, Xhosa and Afrikaans in his lyrics, making him appealing to everyone in a positive, educational, and inspiring way. Not forgetting the tongue twist flows he lyrically spits (rhymes). The aim is utilize this skill, to not only appeal to the locals but to international individuals too.

-He has collaborated with the rapper “Gareth Ross” and has two tracks called "Cape Times" and "Generalz" on his SoundCloud and Audiomack account - AL-timit The Artist.
Here’s the Link to the track:
-He collaborated with one of the greatest Mc’s(Copa) in Cape Town, on a song called ‘Homies” that in his latest project StraightOutta703Tunez. 
Here’s the Link to the track:
- Being inspired by locals AL-timit had always looked up to Rappers such as “TWO” and A.gazillion from a Movement called Lazy Boys. AL-timit had finally got to feature rapper “TWO” on a song called “Attitude” that’s also in his latest project StraightOutta703Tunez. 
Here’s the Link to the track:
- JasonX and AL-timit has known each other since their dance days and has both been inspired and saved by Hip-Hop. In his latest project StraightOutta703 he features JasonX/B-boy on a song called “Light It Up”:  
Here the Link:
- Upcoming artist abstract703 has been the talk of Cape, well known for performing at RAW (Real Art Wednesdays) and best known for his freestyling. It was about time the two rappers came out with something fresh. A track called “Pause Em”. The concept of the track was to use the incident that happened at “Rocking The Daisy’s to YoungstaCPT as reference, saying that artists shouldn’t be disrespected nor belittled by the audience no matter how big or small the artist is. We put our heart and soul into every performance and what we doing is not a hobby but it is a job that assists in bringing food into our homes. No artist deserves to be treated with disrespect whilst showcasing their craft.
Here’s the Link to the track:     

AL-timit has also recently debuted his first ever Mixtape called “StraightOutta703Tunez” on March 25th 2018. This projects focus was mainly to collaborate with unseen artists that are really good. He also used the mixtape to showcase that he is able to work with other artists since his EP “eKapa 0.1” was just solo songs from him. 703 an area code for Landsdowne, Ottery and Wetton. AL-timit personally chose the title StraightOutta703Tunez because the Tunez on the Mixtape are the type of Tunez they will listen to on daily basis in his area. Trap and with a little bit of Boombap. 
Here’s the Link to the Full Mixtape“ StraightOutta703Tunez ”: 
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Through the gigs he had done since eKapa 0.1 released back in Aug 15th 2017, AL-timit raised enough funds to shoot a Music Video for his song “Cheech&Chong” off his Mixtape StraightOutta703Tunez, making that his first professional music video shoot as an approach to the industry. 

Here’s the link to the Music Video “Cheech&Chong” :

AL-timit debuted his first ever EP “eKapa 0.1“on August 15th 2017. This was mixed and mastered by producer AtomikBEATS and was a solo EP from the artist AL-timit. Ever since the EP released Aug 15th AL-timit has been getting gigs all over Cape Town up until February, where he realized he should start focusing more on creating more music and hopefully to release a Music Video as soon as possible. The EP consists of 6 tracks where he talks about his past live living in the ghetto streets of Gugulethu and how things never changed in the area that he came from and how that didn’t stop him from what he was wanting to be in life. He believes that anyone can be anything they want to be, if you put your mind to it and you believe in what you do. 
Here’s the Link to the full “ eKapa 0.1 ” EP:

Biggest achievement of his career was when he hosted an event that turned out to be a success. This raised enough funds for him to represent South Africa. He came 10th place in the World for Electric-Boogie at the World Hip Hop Championships 2016 in Rimini, Italy.

Highlight of his career was when he got booked to feature on the beach scene as an entertainer in an international film "Honey 3" and had the opportunity to work alongside famous singer Cassie, and well known actor Billy Wood.

“Abasboni” being the hit song on the project eKapa 0.1, the track draw so much attention that AL-timit was booked every week since the release and a lot of people knew him as Mr.Abasboni. The song can be found in this link:

“Leveling Up” was one of the first singles which he put out since the Flykids Movement. The track got him bookings as it was appealing to the target market, whilst in production with AtomikBEATS. The song is now available on all online music stores. 

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