The AIDA Server Incident was an Incident in which AIDA created a copy of The World R:2's servers and trapped everybody playing The World inside of it.

The incident was accomplished by using the Mirage powers of Innis which had been stolen from its Epitaph User Atoli. When the players of The World found themselves unable to log out mass panic ensued, many members of Kestrel proceeded to go berserk, attacking any players who got in their way while members of Moon Tree fought to keep order within the Root Towns.

The Incident was solved after Haseo, Kuhn, and Pi entered the Operations Folder, where they were able to hook the AIDA server back up to the regular servers. This allowed everybody to successfully log out.

Despite having spent several hours in the AIDA server, only three minutes had passed in real time. This time delay, combined with a heavy cover up by CC Corporation caused most people to dismiss the Incident as nothing but a hoax.

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