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Character Profile
Name A-20
Gender Female
Class Twin Blade
Media Information
Japanese Voice Atsuko Enomoto
English Voice Sandy Fox
First Appearance .hack//SIGN
Name ?
Age Around 12
Gender Female

"I'm looking for people to go with me, but when they find out where I want to go, they won't come."
— A-20 —

A-20 is a Twin Blade and close friend of Mimiru. She appears in .hack//SIGN and has cameos in the .hack//Games.



A-20 is a small orange-haired girl who wears a short pink dress. The dress is decorated with her wave symbols. Her most noticeable feature is her eyes, which are almost always kept closed.


Despite being a bit of a newbie, A-20 is a very determined person. Her hobby in The World is collecting Golden Grunties, a rare item that she prizes because of how ugly it is. She can usually be found with one of her classmates (A-17, A-19, etc.), or Mimiru who is one of her close friends.


Basic Info

A-20 is a student in Junior High. She started playing The World so she could prove her strength to her classmates who also play the game. She is in class A with class number 20, hence her name A-20.


A-20 in SIGN


A-20 first appears in the .hack//SIGN episode Reason. In it, she gets Mimiru to join her in tackling a high-level dungeon in Carmina Gadelica. She complains about how boring and pointless the game is. When she reveals that she had only played the game for one week instead of the two weeks she originally said, Mimiru ditches her in the dungeon. Later in the episode, Mimiru has a change of heart and returns to the dungeon, saving her, and the two reach the bottom level where they find a Golden Grunty. Mimiru gives it to her and tells A-20 to keep playing The World and see if she winds up liking it. A-20 makes another appearance in a later episode, partying with Mimiru when Tsukasa couldn't make it.


A-20 appears in a few special dungeons, so she hasn't quit playing. At this point, she is now collecting Golden Grunties despite the fact that she thinks they're ugly. A-20 also appears as one of the SIGN Phantoms. She begins to wander the Root Towns near the end of Quarantine.


  • A-20's name is written the same in both English and Japanese
  • A-20's character model is the same as Natsume's.