Shugo and Rena, the winners of the .hackers character contest

The .hackers Character Contest was an event created by Aura during .hack//Legend of the Twilight in which limited-edition Kite and Blackrose-type PCs were given to a lucky winner.


In the anime, Rena enters herself and her brother, Shugo, into the contest. They win the BlackRose-type PC and Kite-type PC respectively.


In the manga, Rena enters the contest by herself and wins both PCs, giving the Kite-type one to her brother.


There is controversy on whether or not the PCs are carbon copies of Kite and BlackRose or chibi versions of said PCs. It is never said that they are chibi versions, nor is it said that they are exact copies.


When compared to Kite and BlackRose, Shugo and Rena look significantly younger. Some fans say they look younger because of the art style, though characters like Balmung, Sanjuro, Wiseman, Kamui and other past characters appearing in Legend of the Twilight look almost the same as they did from their past media, more or less. Also, in .hack//frägment and .hack//Chat, the Shugo and Kite PCs are physically different from each other, but because these two medias are non-canon, the validity is questionable.

Exact Copies[]

In flashbacks in the Legend of the Twilight manga, Kite appears to be almost exactly identical to Shugo, lending to the theory that they may be exact copies.