"The .hackers, the only players to clear the final mystery of The World. They became so famous that they became part of the very mythology of The World."

The .hackers is the name given to the group who, according to players of The World, solved the final mystery of The World. In reality, the .hackers saved The World from destruction and resurrected the comatose victims. It is the legend of the .hackers that is most talked about by players in the Legend of the Twilight era, effectively replacing the Descendants of Fianna, who have been all but forgotten.

The origin of the name is unknown, but it was spread by those who witnessed the battle between Kite's party and Corbenik in the Ω Server.


Kite's party, the .hackers.


  • Shugo and his party are sometimes referred to as the "Heirs to the .hackers legend".
  • Some .hackers appear in a flashback while Haseo and Yata find Cubia at Morrigu Barrow Wall.
  • Mia is the only member who doesn't appear in the final fight against Cobernik.
  • Kite, BlackRose, Balmung, Elk, Helba,Lios, Mia, Mistral, Orca, Piros and Wiseman are default characters that appear in the story and they join Kite automatically during the events of .hack//Games.
  • Gardenia, Marlo, Moonstone, Natsume, Nuke Usagimaru, Rachel, Sanjuro,Terajima Ryoko are optional characters to recruit.