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.hack Conglomerate is the sequel to "Project .hack" and the group of companies behind this second chapter of the series, although no true "conglomerate" has been formed. The companies include Victor Entertainment, Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Bandai, TV Tokyo, and Kadokawa Shoten. Whereas Project .hack takes place in The World, the new generation takes place mainly in The World R:2, after the data from the original game was mostly lost.


The "2nd Season" .hack series produced by .hack Conglomerate are typically referred to as .hack//G.U. The majority them begin with .hack//G.U., like .hack//G.U.: Rebirth, or some differentiation to GU, like .hack//GnU.


This is a list of the meanings for the acronym G.U. Many of these are just a different version of one meaning. CC2 has said that the official abbreviation is Grow Up (成長), but they have hidden 12 other meanings within the game, with variations of those meanings.

12 Secondary Meanings

Meanings in the Prototype Trailer

These are meanings seen only in the prototype trailer for .hack//G.U.
  • Gale from Urd (運命と創造)
  • Gauche Unison (不器用な調和)
  • Guardian of Ubiquity (偏在を守護するモノ)
  • Generation of Ubiquity
  • Goat of Unconcern
  • Greater Unction
  • Generation of Unanimous
  • Gather Up

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